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Our grateful members

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This week with the club president Chef John DiSessa's leadership, we had Dole and Bailey deliver gift boxes to our members-in-need. We received some wonderful letters of gratitude, here are some clips of a few that we would like to share:

"May I extend heartfelt gratitude on receiving your generous gift from Dole and Bailey yesterday. My wife Kim and I would like to thank you for your thoughts and well wishes."

"It is great that you reach out to that may help.  Lets pray for better times to come!"

"Our “care package” arrived today from Dole and Bailey and ECB it was very impressive, thank you..."

"It is wonderful that you all took the time to think of us and coordinate this wonderful surprise. The sentiment means more than anything but with that said I was so delighted to see the package was from Dole and Bailey."

"What a nice surprise that will be appreciated for a long time! Now… I look forward to enjoying the food with someone! Stay well My friends!"

We are grateful to have such kind and thoughtful members. This is one reason the Epicurean Club of Boston is so great.

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