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Jimmy Dimarzio, CEC, AAC

Chef Jimmy DiMarzio has been a member of the American Culinary Federation since 1995 and a Certified Executive Chef since 1999. His long career began in 1969 when he attended his chef's training at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. With hospital food service experience dating back to the late ’70s until his retirement in 2017, he brings many years of experience to the club. Other skills include professional catering and he stays engaged in the industry working part-time at Dedham Country and Polo Club in Dedham, Massachusetts.


Chef Jimmy has been a member of the Epicurean Club of Boston since the club merged with the greater Boston ACF Chapter back in 1995 and has been a well-engaged member of the club ever since. He has won awards including Chef of the Year twice, the President Medallion, and was inducted into the elite American Academy of Chefs back in 2015. From a member of the board to club president, chef Jimmy still helps keep the club moving forward by hosting an important golf fundraiser that raises money for culinary scholarships for over 17 years. He currently plans our club's membership meetings and offers his extensive experience and devotion to the club by helping out wherever possible.

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