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The Epicurean Club

of Boston

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Chef Spotlight

Featuring: Chef Earle

Chef Earle Test has always pursued opportunities where he can help make a difference in the lives of others. Chef Test has a distinguished career with extensive experience in culinary and hospitality experiential education. As an award winning and certified chef, he knows the impact that food can have and has been able to innovate and raise the level of foodservice operations. Chef Earle has senior management experience in multi-site operations and understands how to lead people, exceed goals and help businesses flourish.

Earle is a servant leader and his management and education philosophy is that it’s not about what he knows but, rather, what he can enable others to do. Earle has been recognized for improving the satisfaction and overall morale of multiple organizations. He also has extensive community building experience including being an elected school board member and is able to reach stakeholders and expand partnerships.


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America's Oldest Professional Chefs Association

Established in 1894

Local Chapter of the American Culinary Federation & Members of the World Association of Chefs Society

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About Us

Founded in 1894, The Epicurean Club of Boston is our nation’s oldest professional chefs association. A chapter of the American Culinary Federation, we are a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian culinary association. Our members include:

  • Professional chefs and cooks engaged in the planning, preparation, service, and supervision of food and beverage in commercial kitchens, hotels, clubs, restaurants, institutions, schools and other establishments

  • Professional cooks and chefs who serve as research and development consultants


  • Experimental chefs


  • Food directors


  • Chef authors

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America's Oldest Professional Chefs Association